Fruit Shop WordPress Theme by expert Review (2021)

Once, there was a time when people loved to go shopping with their families or friends. As a result, shopping places were filled with a bunch of shopping-lovers. But this is the era of digitalization where most people want to shop but don’t want to go to the shopping mall.

So, as a fruit shop owner, you have to reach your products to your ultimate customers. How?! Well, simply through the internet. All you need is to take a step and choose a fruit shop WordPress theme. Using a WordPress shop theme, you can give a lovely and eye-catching design to your website. It will make the visitors of your website into customers.

Specifics to consider before buying a WordPress theme for fruit shops

There is a lot of WordPress theme available on the internet and you just cannot go after every existing theme as it kills a lot of time. Moreover, every theme can’t fulfill your necessity. Thus, you need to consider some specifics that will help you to choose the best fruit shop WordPress theme.

⮚ Features: First of all, start with the features that a theme has included. Check thoroughly whether the features are capable of representing your fruit shop properly or not. If it is yes, then you can go for it.

⮚ Framework: You should thoroughly check out the framework of a WordPress theme that you want for your shop. Because every background will not be a perfect match for your fruit shop. Thus, it’s better to check before buying one.

⮚ Combination of color: In the case of decorating a fruit shop, you better choose a colorful theme. It will catch the eyes of the viewers easily. But avoid choosing fanciful themes as the shop is for fruits and not for clothes.

⮚ Customization: It may happen that the existing themes are not up to your choice. In that case, you should choose a theme that has customization services. Thus, you can get your customized design for your lovely fruit shop.

⮚ Fonts: Numerous themes offer layouts with fancy fonts. Though these fonts look better, most people cannot get properly what you are going to serve. Therefore, you should go for a simple font that is easily understandable.


⮚ Responsive: For any WordPress theme, it has to be responsive so that the customers can get their services in time. Besides, responsive themes are prominent for serving faster in e-commerce sites. So, you rather select a responsive theme for designing your shop.

⮚ Premium: WordPress theme works much better when it is a premium theme. In addition to that, premium themes can fulfill every necessity as there are a lot of updated features included. So, you can select a premium theme if you have more budget.

In addition to the added features, it is most important that a theme represents your products and services perfectly. An amazing representation can increase your customers and the revenue of the shop too. That’s why you can go through customers’ reviews to get a better idea of the WordPress fruit shop theme.

10 Best Fruit Shop WordPress Theme Reviews

Hence, you may not have enough time to search for a WordPress fruit shop theme that will be perfect for your fruit shop. That’s why we are presenting the 10 best WordPress fruit shop theme in this amazing article. We wish you will find your essential one.

1. Veggie Fruit Shop Theme


The Veggie is an amazing supermarket and fruit shop WordPress theme. It is prepared for selling all kinds of farm, organic, and eco products such as vegetables, organic food, grocery item, fruits, and online food shops. It has outstanding features that will complete the decoration of your favorite website.


⮚ Layouts: Veggie’s layouts are beautiful and stylish. Once you design your fruit shop website with this theme, it will instantly catch visitors’ eyes.

⮚ Premium Plugins: Veggie has included various premium plugins with minimum cost. Moreover, these plugins are highly compatible with WooCommerce sites.


⮚ Installation: With one simple click, you can install Veggie’s theme on your android phone or desktop. It will work better on either screen.

⮚ SEO-friendly: Veggie is the theme that will put your shop top on the search engine. So, you won’t have spent an excessive amount for making your website SEO-friendly.

⮚ Management: Veggie WordPress theme is user-friendly. Thus, you can apply it easily as well as manage it without having much hassle.


Pros Cons
1. Customizable.
2. Amazing portfolios.
3. Numerous colorful layouts.
4. Option for search page.
5. Supportive with Google font.
1. A little bit classy.


Why you should buy this?

✔ It has added a sample for a better preview.
✔ This theme is supportive of multi-language.

More info / Download


2. Food Fruit Theme


Food fruit is a popular WordPress theme for a fruit shop that you can apply for selling numerous items. Such as fruits, seeds, coffee, foods, cosmetics, and different organic foods. You can apply this theme for decorating your shop and selling all of these on the best e-commerce sites.


⮚ Framework: The Food Fruit theme has outstanding frameworks that will increase the attraction of your website to visitors and customers.

⮚ Colorful Layouts: A lot of fantastic colorful layouts are available in this theme. You just need to select one according to your fruit or food shop.

⮚ Demo Installation: You will get a demo installation of this theme. It will make you understand the overall service that you will get from this theme.


⮚ Easy to Operate: This fruit shop WordPress theme is simple to install and apply. It is easy to operate and update as well.

⮚ Customizable: The Food fruit WordPress theme has customized features. Thus, you can select the premium theme for a better-customized design of your website.


Pros Cons
1. Numerous colorful pages for menu style.
2. SEO-friendly.
3. Customized options for header and footer.
4. More than 40 styles for grid posts.
5. Compatible with plugins.
1. It is an expensive theme with upgraded features.
Why you should buy this?

✔ You can add Google fonts to this theme.
✔ Included options for search and find services as well.

More info / Download


3. Brezza Fruit Store Theme

fruit store wordpress theme

Another best theme for a fruit shop is the Brezza fruit store WordPress theme. You can apply this swiftly responded amazing fruits WordPress theme for designing your dream shop website. This is one of the best applicable themes for different types of vegetable products, organic foods, fruits, or any food items with a variety of attractions.


⮚ Optimized to SEO: This outstanding fruit shop theme is supportive of the best e-commerce sites. It has adjusted with SEO as well.

⮚ Layouts: There are two exclusive options for homepage layouts and much more are on the way. Besides, you can get customized layouts up to your wish.

⮚ Framework: Brezza theme has numerous attractive frameworks for decorating websites so that you can easily attract visitors to your shop.

⮚ Easy Installation: This WordPress fruit shop theme is easy to install and initiate operations. So, you won’t have to waste your valuable time loading.

⮚ Large Menu: This theme offers a larger menu where you can demonstrate your products. Thus, your visitors and/or customers will get a better view of your services.


Pros Cons
1. Stylish layouts for different pages.
2. Included options for analysis form.
3. Compatible with social media.
4. Prepared theme for children.
5. Strong panel of admins.
1. It is an expensive theme with upgraded features.
Why you should buy this?

✔ You will get a contact page layout for easily connecting your visitors/customers.
✔ Besides, this theme is compatible with WooCommerce.

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4. Flavours Fruit Store Theme


One of the amazing themes of WordPress is the Flavours fruit store. It is perfect for decorating your fruit shop with an outstanding design. This theme is prepared for multiple purposes. So, you can apply this theme for fruit shops as well as a variety of fashion stores, clothing stores, electric stores, etc.


⮚ Convertible: Flavours fruit store WordPress theme has included different updates where you can get convertible features for your fruit shop.

⮚ Initiation: It’s easy to initiate this theme with one click. Besides, you won’t have to give much effort to apply, operate, and manage this theme.

⮚ Admin Panel: In the case of any emergency or problem with this theme, you can contact the admins. Because a strong admin panel is always ready to help you.

⮚ Customer Guide: A fantastic guide for customers is attached to this theme. Thus, you won’t have to face any problem with applying this theme.


⮚ Background: You will get different types and colors of outstanding and fashionable pages for background decoration.


Pros Cons
1. SEO-friendly.
2. Respond quickly.
3. Eye-catching layouts.
4. Customizable.
5. Integrated to WooCommerce.
1. Child theme is not included.
Why you should buy this?

✔ You will get support from cross-builders in this theme.
✔ Widget setting and installation are easy as well.

More info / Download


5. Flavours Theme


Flavours WordPress theme for fruit shop is designed for applying in open-cart stores. This rapidly responsive theme is perfect for designing organic shops, fruit stores, and fashion shops as well. Moreover, you can use this stylish theme for decorating stores of furniture, cosmetics, mobiles, drug, accessories, etc.


⮚ Font: Flavours theme is perfectly supportive of Google fonts. That means, everyone is going to understand the services that you are ready to offer on your website.

⮚ Limitless Color: For meeting different people’s necessities, this theme has included a variety of pages of limitless colors.

⮚ Different Language: This WordPress theme is supportive of different languages. Thus, it can attract more visitors and customers.

⮚ Browser’s Support: Flavours fruit shop theme is popular with its users. Because if you need it, it can provide supports from the cross browsers too.

⮚ Image View: There is a cloud zoom option added to this theme so that no problem occurs in the case of understanding any image.


Pros Cons
1. Very responsive to instructions.
2. Awesome layouts.
3. Customized home page.
4. Easy to install.
5. Zoom option for a better view.
1. No theme update. the last update was in 2017.
Why you should buy this?

✔ You will get rapid supports from admins in need.
✔ The subscription module for Newsletter is included in this theme.

More info / Download


6. Fresh Food Theme


The Fresh Food theme is one of the best themes for designing professional fruit shops and business websites. It is very stylish and highly capable of responding to any screen. Thus, you can apply this theme for different kinds of shops like devices, fashion accessories, games, foods, etc.


⮚ Layouts: Fresh Food theme has different stylish layouts for header, footer, and homepage that will perfectly go with your website.

⮚ Retina-ready: This amazing theme is always ready to respond. Besides, it can give the best image in any large as well as small screens without disturbance.

⮚ Customization: If you don’t like the existing portfolios for decoration, you can get a customized design that will complete your necessity for sure.

⮚ Display: Fresh Food is one of the best themes for demonstrating the products of your fruit shop or any other shop.

⮚ Premium Service: Fresh Food offers various premium services with much better options. Therefore, you can get all the updated features in premium service.


Pros Cons
1. Multi-purpose theme.
2. Easy installation.
3. SEO-friendly.
4. Supports Google fonts.
5. Premium plugin is included.
1. Excessive colorful images can be a little bit confusing.
Why you should buy this?

✔ This elegant theme is just perfect for designing any shop.
✔ It is highly supportive of various e-commerce sites as well.

More info / Download


7. Kola Theme


Kola is another outstanding WordPress theme for a fruit shop. It is designed with updated features for completing the necessity of a variety of purposes. Hence, you can install this theme for applying to websites for organic foods, fruits, grocery items, accessories, etc.


⮚ Multiple Reason: You can undoubtedly apply this theme for designing multiple shop’s websites. Because it will give the best service for professional shops.

⮚ Layouts: This theme has eight fantastic layouts for homepage decoration. Different header and footer options are included as well.

⮚ Example: There is a chance of example installation for preview. This will help you to understand whether this theme is perfect for your shop or not.

⮚ Sharing Features: There are added features for sharing your products and services on social media. Thus, you can get more visitors and customers.

⮚ Customization: If the portfolios of this theme do not match perfectly with your shop, you can get customized service as well.


Pros Cons
1. It has a variety of widgets.
2. Different styles for page design.
3. Optimized to SEO.
4. Numerous colorful layouts.
5. Twelve effective support for banners.
1. Quite pricey.
Why you should buy this?

✔ This theme is user-friendly and easy to manage.
✔ It has premium plugin options to be supportive of e-commerce sites.

More info / Download


8. Organica Theme


Organica, an exceptional theme, can be a perfect match for your fruit shop website. Because this theme has added numerous advanced options that will give an eye-catching appearance to your shop’s website. You can sell different types of organic foods and fruits, nutritional items, cosmetics, etc. using this amazing theme.


⮚ Installation: Organica theme is easy to install in only one click. It is easy to manage as well. Besides, you can get a demo installation for preview.

⮚ Buyer’s Guide: A guide book with detailed instructions is added to this theme. Therefore, you can operate this theme without having many problems.

⮚ Templates: Organica theme is designed with numerous colorful templates. All you need to buy this theme and select the best template for your shop.

⮚ Plugins: This theme has the best plugins for serving well. It is supportive of e-commerce sites that can increase the sale of your products.

⮚ Fonts: Organica theme is highly supportive of Google fonts. It can increase visitors to your website as most people understand this font.


Pros Cons
1. Large menu.
2. Ready to go after setting up.
3. View option for list/grid.
4. Sliding options for a quick view.
5. Upgraded options for search things.
1. It is not compatible with Newsletter.
Why you should buy this?

✔ Because this is one of the best-selling themes for fruit shop.
✔ It has added features for translation as well.

More info / Download


9. Organic Web Shop Theme

fruit shop wordpress theme

Organic Web Shop is a fantastic WordPress theme for fruits and vegetables. It is very stylish and highly responsive. You can sell different organic foods and farm products by applying this theme. It has customized features for setting this theme in various websites like coffee, fruits, seeds, cosmetics, etc.


⮚ Designs: Organic theme is one of the best fruit shop theme for offering various designs. Besides, all of the designs are rapidly responsive to instructions.

⮚ Sliding System: In this WordPress theme, the slider revolution system is included so that visitors can view the services within the shortest possible time.

⮚ Multiple Language: The theme is integrated with multiple languages. As a result, it can reach your products to a lot of people.

⮚ Premium Features: To get the latest and upcoming features, you can buy a premium theme. It has various premium plugin options as well.

⮚ WooCommerce Integrated: Organic is greatly integrated with WooCommerce that
is the best e-commerce site in the online marketplace.


Pros Cons
1. Sticky and large menu.
2. User-friendly.
3. Obvious design.
4. Numerous colors.
5. Customized images for the background.
1. Theme for children is not added.
Why you should buy this?

✔ It is responsive to different types of screens.
✔ It has a variety of layouts to choose from.

More info / Download


10. Fudee Theme


Fudee is another addition to our fruit shop WordPress theme article. This theme is user- friendly and greatly integrated with WooCommerce. Just use this theme for organic foods, fruits, dairy firms, organic stores, and different food shop purposes. Therefore, you won’t have to think much about selling your products.


⮚ Strong Plugin: Fudee theme has a strong plugin system with Bootstrap, Mailchimp, Elementor, CSS, WPML, and Contact Form 7.

⮚ Sample View: Fudee will allow you to have a sample view of this theme. So, you can get a preview and check out whether it can go with your shop or not.

⮚ Operate: This WordPress theme is very easy to install, apply, and operate. Moreover, you can have customized options for decoration.

⮚ Various Colors: A lot of colorful images and portfolios are included in this theme. Thus, you can select anyone to set it to your shop.

⮚ WPML: This theme highly supportive of WPML. That means you can form your lovely fruit shop website in any language.


Pros Cons
1. Prepared layouts.
2. Demo installation.
3. Exclusive design.
4. Retina ready.
5. Easy to apply or use.
1. Newly added theme in the online market.
Why you should buy this?

✔ Because you will get specific instructions for setting up this theme.
✔ It will support you all day and night.

More info / Download


Editor’s Ratings

Product’s Name Ratings (out of
1. Organic Web Shop- The WooCommerce Eco Theme 9 You can get customized images for the framework.
2. Food Fruit- Organic Farm, Natural RTL Responsive WordPress Theme. 8.5 It has a variety of styles for grid posts.
3. Organica- Cosmetic, Food, Organic, Beauty Shopify Theme- Sections Ready 8 This theme is quickly responsive to instructions.


Our final advice:

The website is an important addition to any online shop no matter what you want to sell. So you have to present your service or products in an eye-catching manner. As a result, your visitors will be attracted to your shop and possibly they will become your ultimate customers.

In this way, you can achieve more customers and much revenue. Additionally, we have presented these fruits and vegetables WordPress themes after researching well. You better not waste your valuable time and go through this article. You will get the most suitable theme for your fruit shop.



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