10+ Best Fashion Shop WordPress Theme Review for 2021

Are you in search of a classy theme for shaping your dream website of fashion shop? Well, you have stepped into an accurate platform. You know that an unlimited number of fashion shop themes are available on the internet. But as a novice, it’s very difficult to find out the strongest and trustworthy way to create a website that will attract viewers. That’s why we are presenting the best fashion shop WordPress themes for designing the most effective websites.

WordPress is the most prominent way to create a sophisticated website. From an uncountable number of available sites on the internet, more than 30% of websites are powered by WordPress.

Considerable things before buying a fashion shop WordPress theme

To make a fashion shop with a WordPress fashion store WordPress theme, you have to purchase a theme at first. There are some essentials that you should consider before buying a WordPress theme. Those are as follows.

⮚ Suitability: It is crucial to find out a suitable theme that can fulfill your necessity. Therefore, before purchasing a WordPress theme, check out the sample pages appropriately. These pages will help you to understand the outlook of a real website.

⮚ Premium Theme: Various options are not included in all the existing themes. So you rather consider buying a premium theme as premium themes offer all the features that you may need.

⮚ Responsiveness: The capability of responding to instructions is an essential thing for the WordPress theme. Select a theme that responds rapidly. It will increase the viewers and visitors as well as the customers of your service.

⮚ Updated: The theme should be updated and include advanced features. These exceptional updating features will help you to make an effective website.

⮚ Compatibility with e-commerce: Not every theme has compatibility with e-commerce sites. This incompatibility may cause a reduction in revenue. So, choose a theme that will be perfect for demonstrating and selling your products through different e-commerce sites.

⮚ Fonts: Select a theme with simple fonts for purchase. This will allow visitors to understand your services properly. You can select themes that are supportive of Google fonts as these are used worldwide.

⮚ Customization: WordPress themes capable of customization are the best choice for fashion shops. Thus, buy a theme where customization is included. Therefore, check out the color combination of portfolios, images, and layouts before buying a theme. You better view thoroughly the demo of decoration. If you want, you can consult with an expert on this matter as well.

10+ Fashion Shop WordPress Theme Review 

Here in this article, we are providing an outstanding review of 10+ fashion shop WordPress themes. Hopefully, you will get your necessary theme from our review to decorate your website of the fashion shop.

1. Amely Theme


If you are in search of a fantastic fashion shop WordPress theme for WooCommerce, you should choose Amely. This stylish theme is specifically made for the online website of WooCommerce. Any kind of clothing shop, furniture store, fashion brands, beauty salons, etc. is such stores that you can decorate using Amely fashion e-commerce WordPress theme.


⮚ Exceptional Framework: Amely’s framework is so exceptional that after checking on your store, none of your customers will go back in empty hands.

⮚ Increase Revenue: Amely’s theme offers designer layouts to decorate fashion shops. Hence, with these themes, your revenue will increase for sure.

⮚ Premium Tools: Amely’s theme has included various premium tools that you can apply to get more customers.

⮚ Perfect Decoration: You can set up the advanced theme of Amely to beautify your shop or you can keep them for designing other necessary stores.

⮚ Best Plugins: You can get the benefit of using the best plugins and earn much even except for paying any extra dollar.

Pros Cons
1. It’s easy to install and apply.
<2. Respond quickly.
3. Load with the highest speed.
4. Numerous colorful designs.
5. Premium service for providing support.
1. Nothing to be found.
Why you should buy this

✔ Among a lot of e-commerce themes, Amely is one of the best-selling themes.
✔ Your sales will increase using the theme of Amely.

More info / Download


2. Floris Theme


Do you want to give an awesome framework for your lovely fashion shop website? Then you are in the right place. Within a tight budget, you can decorate your fashion shop, handmade product’s store, affiliate store, or any other e-commerce store using the WordPress theme of Floris. Moreover, a lot of trendy shops are decorated with Floris theme.


⮚ Stylish framework: In Floris WordPress theme, you will get numerous stylish and advanced tools to design your fashion shop website.

⮚ The Best Fit: From a lot of available themes on different sites, the theme of Floris will be the best theme that will fit perfectly to your shop.

⮚ Regular Update: The theme of Floris will update automatically. So you won’t have to face any hassle to upgrade your shop’s layout.

⮚ Customized Features: Floris has included the advantage of making your customized features for giving an exceptional outlook to your shop.

⮚ Conceptual layouts: Floris theme is prepared with various conceptual layouts. As a result, you can set the layout according to your shop’s concept. 

Pros Cons
1. Compatible with WooCommerce sites.
2. Different layouts for footer and header.
3. Colorful and trendy templates.
4. Flexible and user-friendly.
5. Supportive with multi-language.
1. Nothing to be found.
Why you should buy this

✔ This theme will support small as well as large screens.
✔ If you need it, you can alter the settings.

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3. Osapa Theme

fashion shop wordpress theme 2021


Are you going to make a fashion shop with WordPress fashion store WordPress theme? Check out the amazing service of the Osapa theme of WordPress. This theme will give an outstanding outlook to your fashion apparel, clothes store, t-shirt shop, or other fashion shop website. Besides, this theme is a perfect tool for increasing the revenue of the stores.


⮚ Compatible with touch screen: This WordPress theme is amazingly compatible with any kind of touch screen and has smooth slider options.

⮚ Multiple Portfolio: There is a variety of multi-colored portfolio, page, and image layouts available in the theme Osapa.

⮚ Optimization: This theme is optimized for Gutenberg. Moreover, you can customize the theme up to your shop’s needs.

⮚ Dark Version: You will get light as well as dark a version for screen and layouts in this WordPress fashion shop theme.

⮚ Added Sample: For a preview, you will get more than twenty fashion or other shops as an example. These will help you to understand the quality of service.

Pros Cons
1. The theme will give a radical
2. It has a premade version for mobile.
3. Various layouts for blogs.
4. Products are viewable from every angle.
5. It will update regularly.
1. Quite classy.
Why you should buy this

✔ You will get the latest version to give a trendy outlook to your shop.
✔ This theme is supportive of touch-screens as well.

More info / Download


4. inVogue Theme


Whatever you need in an online store, you will get all in one place; that is the WordPress theme of inVogue. Whether your store is a large one or a small one, you can decorate that with a beautiful and fashionable theme using this theme. It includes a variety of perfect designs for stores like jewelry, clothing, or any fashion products.


⮚ Suitability: This WordPress theme is perfectly suitable for any kind of screen. Whether it is the screen of mobile or desktop, tablet or laptop, the images won’t break at all.

⮚ Google Fonts: Applying this outstanding theme, you will get more than seven hundred fonts of Google to use in your layout.

⮚ SEO Optimization: This theme is super optimized for SEO. It has compatibility with e-commerce sites for better selling as well.

⮚ User-friendly: Like other WordPress themes, the inVogue theme is also easy to apply and operate. It’s easy to upgrade in less time as well.

⮚ Customization: You will get unlimited colorful features to choose for. Moreover, customization layouts are available for getting better service.

Pros Cons
1. Different layouts for blogs.
2. Responsive and load quickly.
3. Larger menu for the best view.
4. Video for a single product can be added.
5. You can change options from settings.
1. The RTL is not offered till now.
Why you should buy this

✔ The pages of the store are ready to translate with WPML plugin.
✔ The theme has included an amazing package of slider revolution.

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5. iuStore Theme


IuStore is a premium theme for the awesome decoration of any beauty, cosmetics, boutique, or fashion products. If you want to gain much revenue by selling online products, this theme is perfect for you. Any fashionable stores will attract lots of customers toward your products because of applying this WordPress theme.


⮚ Increase of Sale: This WordPress theme will be the perfect assistant for increasing the sale of your products online.

⮚ Premium Plugins: You will get the benefit of updating and premium plugin system from the theme of iuStore.

⮚ Customized Design: In the case you need, you can have customized designs for decorating your favorite store.

⮚ Compatible to WooCommerce: IuStore WordPress fashion theme is exclusively compatible with WooCommerce and it has SEO optimization.

⮚ Versatile Templates: There are versatile templates included for the framework, page building, image setup, header, footer, and for the whole store decoration in this theme.

Pros Cons
1. Custom page for different logos.
2. Multiple options for the set menu.
3. Amazing colorful portfolios.
4. Added features for sharing on social
5. More than twenty ways for demonstrating
grid products.
1. This theme is a bit expensive.
Why you should buy this

✔ You will get sample designs for viewing the services offered by this theme.
✔ A variety of outstanding layout options for the perfect decoration of your store.

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6. Fashion Theme


Another addition of the WordPress style shop theme is ‘Fashion’. This responsive theme is popular because it perfectly goes with different types of fashion, beauty, clothing, gift, accessories shops, etc. If you want affluent features for your style shop, you should choose the Fashion theme without any doubt. You will get everything you need in this theme.


⮚ Easy to Apply: Fashion WordPress theme is very easy to apply for your shop. It is disturbance-free to manage as well.

⮚ Programming Knowledge: You won’t have to achieve any knowledge of programming for using this theme. Because everything is included in this theme and you just need to set it up with your shop.

⮚ Example: For understanding the service of this theme, you will get added examples. These will give you the advantage of thinking before you buy this theme.

⮚ Suitable to Retina: Fashion’s theme is perfectly suitable for the retina. The images won’t be disturbed because of the larger or smaller screen.

⮚ Premium Service: There are various premium plugin services included in this theme. So you can accept the service anytime if you need to.

Pros Cons
1. Creative features with unlimited color.
2. Variety of designer templates.
3. Sample homepages are included.
4. Easy to customize.
5. Different display options for layouts.
1. It can be a little bit out of your budget.
Why you should buy this

✔ You will get every needed feature in this theme.
✔ Suitable to sell products online as it is compatible with WooCommerce.

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7. Zonex Theme


With a lot of amazing characteristics, the Zonex WordPress theme has taken the place on a lot of owners’ and customers’ minds. Stylish and exceptional features of this theme is a standard selection for different kinds of online websites of boutiques, clothing, fashion, accessories, and so on. Whether the products are for children or adults, you can beautifully present them in front of your customers.


⮚ Mobile Supportive: As almost everyone has a mobile in hand, the exceptional theme of Zonex is specifically prepared for support in various mobile devices.

⮚ Speedy: Zonex theme will allow you to run your website with the best possible speed so that your customers don’t feel bothered waiting to load.

⮚ Search and Find: You can find any necessary details of a fashion accessory using the search option of the Zonex theme.

⮚ Standard Portfolio: Zonex theme offers a variety of standard portfolios so that your store remains on the top of the competition.

⮚ Auto Update: Like other fashion WordPress theme, Zonex will also update the features automatically with the changing time.

Pros Cons
1. Responsive.
2. Easy to apply.
3. Able to serve customized design.
4. Fantastic layout options.
4. Unlimited colors for images.
1. This theme may not support its best on a larger screen.
Why you should buy this

✔ It is an amazing choice of fashion WordPress theme on a lower budget.
✔ SEO is optimized and compatible with e-commerce sites.

More info / Download


8. Striz Theme



Striz is another outstanding fashion shop WordPress theme with the addition of animation features. For a variety of streetwear fashion shops like menswear, street fashion trends, accessories, streetwear, etc. you can apply the theme of Striz without any doubt. With a lot of modern and fashionable features, your store will attract visitors more than before.


⮚ Attractive: The WordPress fashion shop theme of Striz is attractive and it will stimulate the visitors with your style of blogging.

⮚ Highly effective: This theme will be the best for providing effective services. Besides, the outlook will allow you to gain much revenue.

⮚ WooCommerce compatible: Striz theme is one of the best WordPress themes that effectively supports various WooCommerce sites.

⮚ Plugin: Advance plugin options are included in this theme for adding advanced features to your favorite fashion shop.

⮚ Quick Response: This theme loads faster and responds quickly to any device. So, your customers will visit again and again because of this rapid service.

Pros Cons
1. Outstanding templates.
2. Smooth sliders.
3. Different header and footer options.
4. Easy to install.
5. Supportive with Google fonts.
1. A little bit costly.
Why you should buy this

✔ It will perfectly complete your website with strong decorative pages.
✔ You can share your products on different social networks.

More info / Download


9. QOS Theme


QOS is a fashion shop responsive WordPress theme for numerous fashion stores. From different accessories to furniture, you can apply this theme. The theme is an abundance of exciting features to put your shop on the top of the search engine. Jewelry, glasses, kids’ clothes, fashionable products of adults, etc. are some of the examples where you can apply this amazing theme of WordPress.


⮚ Strong Representation: QOS is an amazing fashion WordPress theme for strongly representing your website as well as your products in the competitive marketplace.

⮚ Fantastic Layouts: Its fantastic layouts and awesome colors will give your website an attractive outlook and will catch the eyes of visitors.

⮚ Compatible with Mobile: This WordPress theme is perfect for selling online products through mobile because of its compatibility.

⮚ Included Page Maker: This theme is added to an exclusive page maker named Elementor. So you won’t have to be an expert on programming.

⮚ Installation: QOS theme is easy to install, apply, and update. Moreover, it is easy to customize this theme according to your need.

Pros Cons
1. Filtering system for quickly find things.
2. A broader menu for the best view.
3. Multiple styles for header and footer.
4. An outstanding sample book.
5. Search facility is incorporated.
1. This theme is relatively classy.
Why you should buy this

✔ You will have more than seventeen layouts for decorating the homepage.
✔ Also, there are added examples of a variety of fashionable shop pages.

More info / Download


10. Shopping  Theme


From an unlimited theme of WooCommerce, Shopping is quite exceptional and different from other themes. Because the theme of Shopping is not only suitable for fashion shops but also compatible with technical product shops. You can decorate any fashionable website like high tech, mobile, electronics, computer, gift store, etc. applying this theme.


⮚ Various Purpose: You can apply the theme of Shopping for numerous purposes besides the fashion shops.

⮚ Demo Pages: You can check out the demo pages thoroughly to find out whether this theme is the perfect suit for your website or not.

⮚ Broader Menu: Applying this theme, you can demonstrate the product and blogs of your website on a larger menu.

⮚ WooCommerce Integration: The Shopping theme is perfect for starting your shop as this is integrated with WooCommerce.

⮚ Search Option: The search option is added to the theme to help your customers find out the necessary product rapidly.

Pros Cons
1. Awesome page layouts for the shop.
2. Easy to install and manage.
3. There are added blogs for news.
4. Easy to customize.
5. Mobile supportive as well.
1. Nothing to be found.
Why you should buy this

✔ You can decorate diverse shops along with fashion shops applying this theme.
✔ With Shopping’s theme, you can start your shop in the least possible time.

More info / Download


11. Molly Theme



Molly is another addition to the fashion shop responsive WordPress theme. With a collection of applied design, Molly theme is perfect for shaping your fashion store. It will satisfy both the owner and the customer as well as the visitor to your product. You can apply this stylish theme to beauty salons, commercial showrooms, fashion shops, cosmetic stores, and other fashionable websites online.


⮚ Fashionable Homepage: Molly theme offers the most fashionable homepages for decorating your fashion shops.

⮚ Quick View Option: Molly’s theme has included an option for a quick view of your products. It is a great feature for attracting customers and visitors.

⮚ Amazing Menu: Applying the theme of Molly, your visitors and customers will view the offered services in an amazing and larger menu.

⮚ Notification: Decorating your website with a Molly theme, you will get notifications of necessary information and updates.

⮚ Prepared Portfolios: To make you understand the overall services of the Molly theme, there are prepared samples of portfolios added to this theme.

Pros Cons
1. Infinite colors to choose for.
2. This theme is retina ready.
3. The header is adhesive.
4. Supportive with WPML.
5. Compatible with more than six hundred
Google fonts.
1. Relatively expensive.
Why you should buy this

✔ There is an enhanced system comprised of your website to find products rapidly.
✔ The theme is so responsive that it will increase the visitors for sure.

More info / Download


Editor’s Ratings

Product’s Name Ratings (out of
1. Fashion- WooCommerce
Responsive WordPress Theme
9 Almost every necessary feature is included in this theme.
2. Amely- Fashion Shop
WordPress Theme
8 It is one of the best-selling themes
in the market place.
3. inVogue- WordPress Fashion
Shopping Theme
8 This theme has options for
attaching a single product’s video.


Our final advice:

A website is not only a website. It is a dream for some people. A website is an amazing way to communicate with worldwide people. It’s an amazing marketplace where you can present your products and services.

In short, you can create a brand image of your fashion shop in the mind of the visitors through your website. And all of these can be possible with stylish and eye-catching decoration. So, don’t dillydally. Just buy a theme and design your fashion shop website with the fittest layouts. You won’t regret it for sure.



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