10 Best Online Shop WordPress Theme in 2021

In this world of digitalization, nothing is difficult to find out from the internet. But for busy people, time flies so rapidly that it is difficult for them to search for an online shop WordPress theme wasting much time. So how to fulfill this necessity within the least possible time? Well, that’s why we are here with this amazing article.

Though a lot of themes are existing in the online markets, it is quite confusing when it comes time to select and set a theme for your adorable online shop. To lessen your confusion, there are the best online shop WordPress themes that you can choose for decorating your online shop.

Considerations of purchasing an online shop WordPress theme

All the themes of WordPress are prepared to bear in mind the necessity of the customers. But it is not the responsibility of WordPress to suggest you take a theme. For this reason, you have to consider some specifics before purchasing a WordPress theme.

⮚ Appearance: Though the outlook of a shop is very important, it is a waste of money to give a fancy outlook with a poor service of the theme. So, you have to check out the necessary services along with the appearance of the theme. You need to make sure that your shop looks amazing as well as it can give a mind-blowing service to your customers.

⮚ Customization: Remember that the best WordPress themes have different features for customization. It can make things easier for the customers or the appliers of the theme. No matter what you want, if you dislike the existing layouts, you will easily get your customized features from that theme.

⮚ Price: Not every pricey theme can fulfill your demand. On the other hand, some less expensive themes can also make your online shop an attractive one. So, you have to check thoroughly whether the theme that you want to purchase can complete your necessity or not. If the price and the license can accomplish your business purpose, you can go for it without any doubt.

⮚ Reviews: Before purchasing a WordPress theme, you should go through the review section of the consumers of that theme. If the review seems to be positive, you can go for the theme. Otherwise, you should go for any other theme that has better reviews. Besides, you should select a theme that will allow you to add a section of giving reviews and comments from your customers.

⮚ SEO-friendly: If a theme doesn’t put your shop on the top of the search engines, it will probably fail to catch the eyes of potential customers. That’s why your selective WordPress theme should be friendly and integrated with SEO. Thus, it will appear on the topmost of the search engines and attract more customers.

⮚ Responsiveness: A responsive WordPress theme can assist you to work quickly. Besides, it can save the valuable time of your shop’s visitors and customers. Thus, you have to select a quickly responsive theme with a retina-ready feature. So that you can operate your shop from desktop to android screen without having any problem.

⮚ Social Media Incorporation: Lots of people are connected with social media. Thus, it is essential to demonstrate your shop on different social media so that you can turn the visitors to your shop into your potential customers. Meanwhile, you have to decorate your shop with a stunning view to catch the eyes of the visitors.

In addition to all of these specifications, you should consider the cross-browser compatibility, options for frameworks and portfolios, color combination, e-commerce compatibility, etc.

 10 Best Online Shop WordPress Theme Reviews

Here are the reviews of the ten best online shop WordPress theme. Our experts have selected these exclusively beautiful themes for crafting different online shops.

1. Moon Shop Theme 

best online shop wordpress theme

Are you looking for an outstanding e-commerce WordPress theme for your online shop? Well, you are in the right place. Because Moon Shop is one of the best online shop WordPress theme. This theme is very quick to respond to and easy to apply. Thus, with its beautiful framework, you can decorate your online website with various shops like jewelry, clothing, watch, shoes, electronic items, gadgets, etc.


⮚ Optimization: Moon Shop WordPress theme is exclusively optimized for mobile. In addition to that, this theme is highly qualitative and it will work in other supportive screens as well.

⮚ Page Maker: This theme is very easy to apply. With this convenient theme, you will get the chance to create your website’s pages without having any programming knowledge.

⮚ Stylish Framework: There are fantastic upgrading frameworks available in this theme. So, you can apply this theme to use and decorate your lovely online shop.

⮚ Eye-catching Sample: Moon Shop has demonstrated various eye-catching samples. As a result, anyone can easily understand the appropriate service of that theme.

⮚ Responsive Admins: For any inconvenience, you will get an effective admin panel ready for helping you. They will solve any kind of problem with this theme.

Pros Cons
1. Larger menu.
2. User-friendly.
3. Sound structure.
4. Advanced features.
5. Highly responsive.
2. No theme for children is included.
Why you should buy this?

✔ This theme is very effective in selling online products.
✔ It has numerous colors and styles for effective layouts.

More info / Download


2. Bazar Shop Theme 

best wordpress theme for shop

Another fantastic online shop WooCommerce theme is the Bazar Shop theme. This awesome WordPress theme has premium plugins for shaping your online shop in a versatile method. Thus, it will easily catch the eyes of the visitors. With its numerous strong layouts, your shop will get an outstanding appearance and your sales will increase for sure.


⮚ Most Updated: You will get the most updated version of this stylish theme.
Furthermore, it is greatly supportive of WooCommerce plugins.

⮚ Easy Initiation: With a simple click, you can install this beautiful theme for your online shop. This user-friendly theme is cool to apply, maintain, and upgrade as well.

⮚ Mega List of options: The mega menu or list of options is highly supportive and retina ready. So, whether it is an android or a laptop, a tablet, or a desktop, you will get the best image view.

⮚ Shortcodes: There are more than three-hundred shortcodes included in this theme. So, you can apply those codes to make your web pages effective and striking.

⮚ Survey: In this theme, the visitors/customers of your shop’s website will find out different products and information through the survey form of this theme.

Pros Cons
1. Fashionable frameworks.
2. Variety of colorful images.
3. Grid/list for viewing products.
4. Premium plugins.
5. Zoom effect is added.
1. This theme is quite classy.
Why you should buy this?

✔ The theme is very effective to demonstrate and sell products.
✔ Though a bit pricey, it’s worth purchasing this theme.

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3. Shoperific Theme 

best woocommerce shop themes

Shoperific is one of the best WooCommerce shop theme of WordPress. This beautiful WordPress theme for online shop is exclusively prepared for small online shops. There are different premium features and options that are changeable and perfect for any online shop. Thus, you can apply this theme for creating a beautiful website for your dream shop.


⮚ Set to go: This stylish WordPress theme is prepared to go just when you want it. You only need to install and set this theme. Then it will go smoothly without any hassle.

⮚ Flexible: This theme has a variety of options and very flexible to set up. So, you can change the portfolios or styles of your website anytime.

⮚ Retina-ready: The theme of Shoperific is ready to work on any device. From bigger to smaller screen of a device, it will give the best service with the best image view.

⮚ Time-saving: The Shoperific theme is quick to respond with the instructions. That’s why it won’t kill the valuable time of your visitors or customers.

⮚ Stunning framework: This WordPress theme has numerous stunning frameworks that are easy to apply for crafting a beautiful online shop.

Pros Cons
1. Sample installation to view.
2. Child theme is included.
3. Quickly responsive layouts.
4. Premium plugins are added.
5. The admins’ support is available 24/7.
1. This theme is expensive.
Why you should buy this?

✔ If you need it, you will get the translation of the language.
✔ Besides, it is compatible with the updated WordPress version.

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4. Accessories Shop Theme 

 online shop woocommerce theme

Accessories Shop, another stunning WordPress theme, is one of the best WordPress themes for online shops. Its simple settings and strong portfolios will give your favorite online shop a very fashionable exterior. Thus, the Accessories Shop theme is perfect for crafting different types of online stores like fashion, shoes, ornaments, watches, clothing, etc.


Standard Layouts: Accessories Shop theme has a variety of standard layouts. This theme is popular among its users because it can give a fashionable outlook to any online shop.

⮚ Assimilated Add-ons: The theme of Accessories Shop has assimilated add-ons of WooCommerce. But note one thing that you have to buy these add-ons discretely from the theme.

⮚ Functions: It has strong and updated functions for a variety of online shops. But you don’t have to be worried about the maintenance as all of the functions are easy to operate.

⮚ Attractive Portfolio: Accessories Shop has amazingly attractive portfolios to set for your online shop. All you need to apply the portfolios and start to sell the products to your potential customers.

⮚ Organizing Panel: For any kind of problem, the Accessories theme has a panel that is organized with experienced organizers.

Pros Cons
1. Opportunities for a rapid view of
2. Fabulous blogs and portfolios.
3. Plugin for Instagram.
4. Customized backgrounds.
5. Compatible with social media.
1. You won’t get add-ons included in this theme.
Why you should buy this?

✔ This theme is supportive of Google fonts.
✔ It has a big collection of custom widgets.

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5. Marni Theme 

online shop wordpress theme

Isn’t it amazing to see a regular thing astonishingly? It is. That’s why Marni online shop WordPress theme has taken a big place in its users’ minds. This WordPress theme is not only apt for online shops but also appropriate for blogs too. For decorating a simple fashion shop, tourism blog, beauty salon, or lifestyle store, Marni is the most preferable WordPress theme for many customers.


⮚ Sophisticated: Marni is a very excellent WordPress theme for decorating online shops. You can give a sophisticated outlook to your shop by applying this theme.

⮚ Stunning Layouts: More than hundreds of layouts with a variety of colors are available in this theme. Just apply one and your shop will be extraordinary for sure.

⮚ Premium Features: Marni WordPress theme has fantastic advanced features that anyone will get in its premium service.

⮚ Responsive: This fantastic theme responds quickly to given instructions. It also supports any retina and shows images without breaking.

⮚ WooCommerce Integrated: Marni is an online shop WooCommerce theme. It is highly integrated with the WooCommerce system. Thus you won’t have to spend separately for making your shop integrated with e-commerce sites.

Pros Cons
1. Different options for layouts.
2. More than twenty options for header.
3. Custom widgets of four types.
4. Supportive with Google fonts.
5. Plugin with shortcodes.
1. Child theme is not included.
Why you should buy this?

✔ You will get amazing customized features if you need them.
✔ For starting easily, you can get a sample installation in one simple click.

More info / Download


6. Seese Theme 

online shop woocommerce theme

Seese is another amazing theme with responsive features and outstanding quality. It is one of the best WordPress online shop theme. It is perfect for applying on numerous accessories, shoes, clothing, bicycles, portable bags, watches, etc. Any online shop website will get a fashionable appearance by crafted with this beautiful theme.


⮚ Attractive Display: Seese theme offers five amazing types of display for online shops. Thus, your shop will attract visitors within the least possible time.

⮚ Layouts: Advanced layouts are available in this WordPress theme. A variety of colorful images and backgrounds are included as well.

⮚ Exclusive Slides: In this theme, users will get animated slides of exclusive designs. Thus, the online shop will get a new and vibrant look because of these slides.

⮚ Shortcode Plugin: Seese theme has a plugin with shortcodes. As a result, it offers a lot of shortcodes that you can apply to give a simple yet obvious look at your shop.

⮚ Customization: In this theme, you will find out a lot of options for crafting an online shop. But you can get customized options if you need them.

Pros Cons
1. Larger menu.
2. Optimized with SEO.
3. Included Google map.
4. User-friendly.
5. Child theme is included.
2. Nothing to be found.
Why you should buy this?

✔ This theme has the benefit of lifetime updates.
✔ It has a plugin with contact form 7 and WooCommerce.

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7. Ducan Theme 

best woocommerce shop themes

From a lot of available WordPress themes for online shops, Ducan is a fantastic online shop WooCommerce theme. With a great number of layouts, portfolios, and plugins, this theme assists as a reliable decorator for online shops. It is not only responsive but also retina-ready and highly supportive of any display.


⮚ SEO-friendly: Ducan is one of the best WooCommerce shop themes. Your favorite online shop will easily get SEO optimization applying this theme.

⮚ Larger Menu: This theme will allow you to demonstrate your products and services on a larger menu. Thus, visitors and customers won’t have any hassle to get your service.

⮚ Updates: Ducan theme has the addition of getting free lifetime updates. That means, once you purchase the theme, you won’t have to spend separately for further updates.

⮚ Limitless Colors: There are a huge number of colorful options added to this amazing theme. So, you can give a vibrant outlook or a smooth decoration for your shop.

⮚ Sample Content: In this WordPress theme, sample content is included so that the users can properly understand the service of this theme before buying it.

Pros Cons
1. Customizable.
2. Easy to apply.
3. User-friendly.
4. Compatible with browsers.
5. Supportive with premium plugins.
1. Nothing to be found.
Why you should buy this?

✔ This theme is incorporated with social media.
✔ Video tutorials are available to assist in setting up this theme.

More info / Download


8. Child Care Creative Theme 

best online shop wordpress theme

Child Care Creative is an extraordinary online shop wordpress theme for children’s products. Though this theme is meant to be for child products, you set it up for creative items, crafts, arts, and family products as well. This theme is also apt for decorating various daycare centers, decorating shops with kids’ products, etc.


⮚ Easy to Install: Child Care Creative theme is very easy to install, apply, and manage. Moreover, a variety of backgrounds and portfolios are included for crafting your online shop.

⮚ Creative Outfits: From this theme, you are going to get fantastic creative outfits for your online shop. It has beautiful layouts for decorating your shop as well.

⮚ Sample Installation: There is a sample installation of this theme available for the newbies. Thus, it is easy to comprehend the service of this theme before you buy it.

⮚ Setup Direction: This fantastic WordPress theme has a directory book for setup. Hence, you won’t need any programming knowledge to apply this theme to your shop.

⮚ Page Builder: This theme is integrated with the Elementor page builder. Therefore, you can create an attractive webpage quickly and decorate it beautifully.

Pros Cons
1. SEO-friendly.
2. It’s easy to edit.
3. Attractive features.
4. Colorful frameworks.
5. Compatible with WordPress 4.8.
1. Only good for kids’ products.
Why you should buy this?

✔ This online shop theme for child/kids products are very responsive.
✔ It is greatly integrated with e-commerce sites as well.

More info / Download


9. Sassy Girl Theme 

best wordpress theme for shop

The Sassy girl is one of the best online shop themes for women’s products. This amazing WordPress theme for online shops is highly responsive and greatly integrated with e-commerce sites. It is perfect for crafting women’s products like clothing, accessories, hats, glasses, watches, shoes, etc. You can give an outstanding appearance to the simple products and demonstrate them to your visitors.


⮚ Increase Selling: Sassy Girl WordPress theme is perfect for increasing the sale of your products. It has the capability of making your shop’s visitors to the customers.

⮚ User-friendly: This beautiful WordPress theme is very user-friendly. It has added video tutorials and guides books for helping to set up this theme easily.

⮚ Flexible Layouts: Sassy Girl theme has the flexibility to change or set layouts. So, if you don’t like your present setup, you can alter it and choose another from a variety of available layouts.

⮚ Admin Support: This theme has an active and strong admin panel. That’s why you will get the admin’s support 24/7 for any kind of inconvenience.

⮚ Advanced Options: In this theme, you will find numerous advanced options to apply for fashionable decoration. It has premium plugins as well.

Pros Cons
1. Beautiful options for the homepage.
2. It’s integrated with the slider module of
3. Different styles for headers.
4. Supportive with Google fonts.
5. Sample installation is included.
1. This theme is quite expensive.
Why you should buy this?

✔ It has a larger menu to present your products and services.
✔ It’s retina-ready and supports android to laptop screens as well.

More info / Download


10. Shopping Mall Theme 

best online shop wordpress theme

There are lots of WordPress themes for online shops existing on the internet. But, Shopping Mall is the WordPress theme that is initiated not only for fashion stores but also for restaurants and cinemas. Besides making a stunning online shop website, the Shopping Mall theme is a great one for advertising unlimited products as well.


⮚ Customizable: Shopping Mall WordPress theme is very compatible with customers’ choices. Thus, you can prefer customized features for your exclusive online shop.

⮚ Lead the Business: This amazing WordPress theme has the capability of leading your business. Through its beautiful options, you can easily decorate your adorable shop.

⮚ Colorful Layouts: Shopping Mall is the perfect selection for entertainment as well as fashion shops. Its unlimited colorful layouts will make your visitors and customers amused by your services.

⮚ Customer Support: This theme is greatly responsive and always supportive of the customers. In addition to that, it is very easy to install, apply, and maintain.

⮚ Troubleshooting: There is an active admin panel prepared for any problem with this theme. They provide effective support to troubleshooting within the least possible time.

Why you should buy this?

✔ It is integrated with premium plugins and social media.
✔ This theme has compatibility with cross browsers.

More info / Download


Editor’s Ratings

Product’s Name Ratings (out of 5) Specifications
Bazar Shop– Multi-Purpose e-
Commerce Theme
4.75 Stylish pages with zoom effect.
Child Care Creative– WP
Shop Theme
4.60 Exceptional for the products of
children and kids.
Moon Shop– Responsive
eCommerce WP Theme for
4.55 Numerous colorful layouts to
choose from.


Our final advice:

You can select any theme from the internet and set it up for your online shop. But it is not worth to change themes frequently if you dislike that theme. Moreover, it is money wasting as well as a time-consuming situation. Only the best online shop WordPress theme can save you from these hassles.

Therefore, we create this list through the experiment and the expert’s assistance. That’s why we will recommend you to select a theme from our given list. It will be worth your valuable money for sure.

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