10 Best Barbershop WordPress Theme for 2021

WordPress is an exposed source for CMS or Content Management System. It is free and an outstanding source that you can apply to decorate your personal, professional, or commercial websites. WordPress is the biggest platform where around 31% of sites are included. It has awesome features, Professional supports, stylish frameworks, a system for documentation, easy customization, and attractive images for theme. Besides, you will get most of the theme within your budget.

Considerations before buying a barbershop WordPress theme

As a lot of barbershop themes are available in ThemeForest, it is difficult to find out the best WordPress theme for your barbershop that will provide an effective service. So, here are some basics that you need to consider before purchasing a WordPress theme.

  • Features: First of all, you should make a list of the necessary things that you need to add to your website. Then, go through the themes and watch them carefully. Check everything like headers, footers, layouts, colors, fonts, column numbers, etc. It will help you to get the most effective theme for your website.
  • Avoid fanciful theme: Maybe you think that fanciful themes are a great choice for your website decoration. But, things are a bit different from your thinking. Fanciful themes are great to look at but they are not perfect for fulfilling your business purpose. Rather, select a theme that will look good and effectively fill up the purposes of your business.
  • Color combination: You have to think and watch properly the combination of colors before purchasing a theme. It affects your website both in a good and bad way. Smooth colors can be a great selection if your focus is on your service. Instead, a colorful theme is perfect for showing your products.
  • Fonts: Some fonts are difficult to read and understand. Rather, Google fonts are relatively easy to understand. So, choose a theme that supports Google font. It will be helpful for both the customers and the service providers.
  • Premium theme: If you select a premium theme, you will get a lot of updating and stylish features. So, you should consider buying a premium theme.
  • Responsive: Not every theme is quick to respond and supportive to every screen. So, check thoroughly whether a theme is swiftly responsive or not. Moreover, check out the supportive capacity of various screens of the theme. It will help you to prefer the best theme.

Except for all of these things, you have to consider whether a theme has customizable features or not. These changeable features will allow you to purchase an effective theme for your website.

10 Best Barbershop WordPress Theme

After researching a while, we are presenting the 10 best barbershop WordPress theme that can consider buying for decorating your barbershop website.

1. Neo Salon Theme


Neo Salon is an amazing WordPress theme for barbershops. This creative and stylish template includes highly qualitative and customized features with various options. Moreover, numerous contemporary materials, menus, and frameworks are available in this WordPress theme. Whether you want to decorate websites for multiple pages or a landing page, this theme of Neo Salon will be perfect for fulfilling your demand.

  • Quick to respond: Neo Salon WordPress theme will be an amazing selection for barbershops as well as beauty salons as this is highly responsive to instructions. Besides, this theme is not only easy to install but also fast to apply.
  • Numerous Purpose: These WordPress templates will assist you to decorate your websites for hairdresser booking, tattoo shop studio, beard salon, hair services, barber business, hairstylist, beauty treatment,  tanning, massage spa, healthcare websites, etc.
  • Amazing Layouts: You will get numerous layouts for designing your barbershops. Like- fifteen different designs for portfolio, two different patterns for contact form, five kinds of catalog, more than fifty shortcodes, etc.
  • Unique Decoration: The unique, as well as eye-catching decoration, will attract your customers to check on your products and services. Moreover, the decorations are prepared with updated technology for keeping pace with the modern world.
  • Troubleshooting: Neo Salon has troubleshooting for problems of customers. You will have an expert’s service if you need it in case. Moreover, there are video tutorials as well as a system for supporting comments. Additionally, the problems of the customers are well-documented so that the experts can provide the necessary support.
Pros Cons
1. There are two types of contact forms.
2. Various categories of the display.
3. Supportive of google fonts.
4. There is compatibility to locate the store.
5. Easy to set google map.
1. Nothing to be found.
Why you should buy this?
  • You will get a variety of available templates as well as customized templates for your barbershop.
  • This barbershop WordPress theme is supportive of different e-commerce sites as well.

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2. Hair Salon Theme


Hair Salon is another best option for WordPress theme for barber and beauty shop. This WordPress theme is very attractive yet very easy to operate. It has included such things that you will need to create a barbershop. Like- beauty salons, massage parlors, hairdressers, hair salons, day spas, beauty treatment business, medical business, etc. This theme is designed with amazing updated models that will go perfectly with the continuously changing world.

  • Unique Homepages: A hair salon offers a unique homepage for outstanding decoration of barber and beauty shops. These elegant homepages will allow you to demonstrate the aptitudes of beauty and hair-care products.
  • Awesome Layouts: Hair salon beauty and barber themes have awesome premade layouts for numerous beauty shops. You can apply these themes and layouts for decorating your blogs, shops, and portfolios as well.
  • High-quality Response: Hair salon is a great selection for offering highly qualitative images for your customers. Besides, the responsiveness of these themes is mind-blowing and adjustable to devices like desktops, phones, tablets, etc.
  • Great Collection: In this theme, you will have a great collection of colorful themes to choose from. Any theme you choose will perfectly go with your beauty shop. Moreover, you can get a customized design if you need to.
  • Installation: The Hair Salon WordPress theme is easy to install and use. It will give you efficient service with numerous spontaneous themes. Besides, these themes respond quickly. So you won’t have to waste your time waiting for loading.
Pros Cons
1. Different choices for layouts.
2. Instructions load rapidly.
3. Supported to WPML.
4. Variety of google fonts.
5. High-quality images with a larger menu.
1. Not well for people who dislike colorful themes
Why you should buy this?
  • Your beauty and barbershop will be lucrative because of using these themes.
  • This WordPress theme is integrated into several e-commerce sites like WooCommerce, Widget Logic, Wootheme, etc.

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3. Salon Theme


Are you looking for the best WordPress theme for a barbershop and tattoo studio? Just take a look at this theme of Salon. This theme of WordPress is specially decorated for tattoo artist services, tattoo master agencies, barbershops, hair-dresser companies, hair care stylish firms, makeup masters, etc. A variety of themes are available with amazing colors and outstanding templates. You have to just select one and set it properly. Your barbershop and tattoo studio will surely attract customers more than before.

  • Advanced Template: Salon is one of the best WordPress themes for barbershop and tattoo studio. Because it has designed with an advanced template and outstanding decoration that will easily catch the eyes of your customers.
  • Layout options: There are numerous readymade layout options available in this WordPress theme. So, you can watch all of them and select your expected and necessary one. You can get a customized theme for designing your barbershop as well.
  • Easily operable: Salon WordPress theme is hassle-free to install as well as operate. You have to follow the instructions at first. Then initiate the theme with one simple click. The elements of this theme are easy to use and manage as the theme is user-friendly.
  • Worthwhile: You will get this website of barbershop WordPress theme cost-effective and efficient. Because we work our best to support standard plugins that can bring in advanced structures and functionality.
  • SEO Optimized: For barbershops and tattoo studios, you will have an SEO optimized theme from this website of WordPress theme. This will design the header and footer with perfection. You will also get expert assistance from our website anytime you need it.
Pros Cons
1. You will get professional assistance.
2. It has an extraordinary antique design.
3. Variable color setting structures.
4. Images are adaptive to the screen.
5. Supportive of e-commerce sites.
1. You should not select this theme if you like simple decoration.
Why you should buy this?
  • The design of this theme will be authentic for your barbershop.
  • The impressive decoration will assist you to get more customers.

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4. Barger Barbershop Theme


Berger is another impressive and stylish barbershop WordPress theme. You can apply this amazing theme for multipurpose. As different outstanding designs are included in this theme for tattoo studios, barbershops, and piercing studios. Berger can be a perfect selection for commercial as well as sole barber shop, makeup artist, tattoo master, grooming, tattoo artist, hairdresser shop, hair care stylist, cutting store for hair, etc.

  • Multipurpose: Berger WordPress theme is designed for applying for different purposes. You can apply this theme for your barbershop as well as your tattoo studio. The theme will be appropriate for various tasks of beauty salons like the haircut, tattoo removal, spa, piercing, trimming, grooming, shaving, etc.
  • Awesome Layouts: Berger theme has amazing layouts for barbershop decoration. However you want to design your lovely shop, you can get a variety of options to choose from this Berger WordPress theme.
  • Appointments Scheduling: Berger WordPress theme has pre-made features for booking appointments and managing schedules online. As a result, you won’t have to face any hassle for providing service to your customers.
  • Colorful Gallery: In the Berger theme, there is an available gallery included with numerous colorful portfolios. The only thing you need to do is to install, select, and apply the portfolio that fits your shop.
  • Responsive and manageable: Berger’s theme is responsive to any android mobile screen as well as retina displays. The theme is easy to apply and manage as well. Additionally, it will support different digital business platforms.
Pros Cons
1. Stylish and colorful design.
2. Fantastic layouts for decoration.
3. Easy sliding options.
4. Strong framework.
5. Able to customize.
6. Compatible with e-commerce sites.
7. Easy to update as well.
1. A little bit costly.
Why you should buy this
  • You can optimize the theme for getting better performance.
  • It has the advantage to get professional support in the case of troubleshooting.

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5. Barber WordPress theme 


Barber is one of the best WordPress barbershop themes. For a variety of tattoo, hair, and beauty salons, you can apply this theme. The Barber theme is designed with stylish and advanced features. So, this theme applies to other business purposes as well. You will find the customized design for decorating pages of beauty shops, galleries salons, customer service management pages, etc. You can get this easy to apply as this theme is prepared as user-friendly.

  • Dynamic colorful images: Barber WordPress theme is designed with dynamic and colorful images. The theme is so vibrant and updated that it will fit perfectly with your tattoo studio or beauty shop.  
  • Creative layouts: Barber theme includes a variety of creative layouts. Not only these layouts will be outstanding, but also this will give a unique look to your website. So, you will grab customers easily towards your shop.
  • Efficient Admin Panel: Barber theme has an efficient panel of admins to provide the best possible service. The admins made the theme hassle-free to apply and operate. You just need to install the theme and set it to your purpose.
  • Optimized to mobile respond: Barber theme is designed with high-quality features. From small to the large displays, the theme responds quickly and looks the same. As a result, it easily gets fits your android screen as well as the desktop screen.
  • Easy to install: Barber theme is easy to install in just one click. The theme is so impressive that it will easily attract your customers to check on your services. If you face any problem with this theme, you can have admins’ assistance as well.
Pros Cons
1. The color option is limitless.
2. Easy to make appointments.
3. Quickly responsive to instructions.
4. Layout options for multipurpose.
5. Integrated to a variety of popular plugins.
6. It supports google fonts.
1. More colorful themes can be confusing sometimes.
Why you should buy this
  • The theme is abundant with a unique and stylish portfolio.
  • Outstanding added features will attract your customers swiftly.

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6. Nelson Theme


Nelson is an amazing tattoo salon and barbershop theme of WordPress. This theme has a booking method online. It is also integrated into WooCommerce. The theme can be a great selection for tattoo artists, designers, barbers, hairdressers, etc. You can easily initiate a barbershop, beauty parlor, tattoo shop, tattoo studio, spa salon, beard trimming, men’s fashion, etc. with the help of this theme.

  • Modification: Nelson is manufactured with HTML5 and CSS3 code. It has compatibility with Safari, IE11+, Firefox, Chrome browsers. Moreover, Nelson has got the approval of the WordPress 4.0+ test. Additionally, you will get a chance to demo installation with one simple click.
  • Up-to-date: Nelson is popular for its updated version and stylish features. It has numerous advanced designs that you can set up to decorate your website or you can get customized designs as well.
  • Professional Service: Nelson’s theme is designed in a way where you can get the help of professionals. The included designs of Nelson’s theme are great for giving your barbershop a professional look.
  • On-line booking: By applying the Nelson WordPress barbershop theme you will have the benefits of pre-booking online. Besides, there is an attached calendar that will help you to schedule or reschedule appointments without any disturbance.
  • Attractive Portfolio: Nelson’s theme is an amazing assistant for creating an attractive portfolio for your barbershop. You can apply this theme for preparing and decorating multi-types beauty studio websites as well.
Pros Cons
1. Variety of layouts for blogs.
2. Attractive colorful images.
3. Portfolio for several beauty shops.
4. Easy to install and apply.
5. Professional images are also included.
6. This theme is supportive of Google fonts.
1. Nothing to be found.
Why you should buy this
  • Nelson’s WordPress theme has amazing compatibility with plugins.
  • The images are cent percent supportive of different screens of mobiles.

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7. Etalon Theme


Another WordPress theme for professional services is Etalon. This theme is designed for the multi-concept of salons. For entrepreneurs, business professionals, and small business initiators, this theme of Etalon is most suited. It is easy to apply this premium theme for designing websites. And, a lot of short-codes are added so that you can decorate your website easily attractive to your customers.

  • Demo Image: There are more than twenty niche demo images that you can apply to showcase the services of your business. Therefore, your customers will see the services in one look.
  • Portfolio: It’s easy to demonstrate the time of services on your website. This WordPress theme is perfect for showing timing clearly on your website.
  • Flexible Gallery: The theme great for creating a flexible gallery for uploading photos. So you can add diverse photos using the photo grid in this theme.
  • Options for Pricing: Using this WordPress theme, you can create a list of prices with short descriptions and show them on your website.
  • Included Premium Plugins: You will get several premium plugins for creating and updating your website. Like- Slider Revolution, WPBakery Page Builder, etc. These plugin tools will increase the appeal of your website.
Pros Cons
1. Amazing architecture.
2. For multi-purpose applications.
3. Creative portfolio designs.
4. Free updating is available.
5. Organized and clean codes.
6. Images are supportive of mobile displays as well.
1. Nothing to be found
Why you should buy this
  • This theme is swift to respond to and easy to customize.
  • Outstanding child themes are also added to a variety of options.

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8. CutStyle Theme


A fashionable and eye-catching WordPress theme is the CutStyle barbershop theme. A supreme selection for decorating barbershops, hairdressers, mustaches, barber stylist, etc. You won’t need any programming knowledge to create a fantastic webpage. Just get this theme and you will be an awesome builder of your WordPress barbershop.

  • Modern Functions: Slider Revolution, WPBakery Page Builder, Booking Plugin, etc. are the advanced functions that are included in this theme.
  • Flexible support: The theme is easy to install, update, and apply. It is flexible to provide service up to customers necessary.
  • Great Options: CutStyle theme is included in a variety of page building and sliding options. It has a customized e-commerce support system as well.
  • Content Editing: Inventiveediting system for contents is included. So, even without knowing the coding system, you can set up the theme to edit the contents of your website.
  • Booking Schedule: You can schedule the booking online through the added calendar of this theme. So it will be easy to serve your customers in time.
Pros Cons
1. A creative page designer.
2. Numerous settings for plugins.
3. A responsive revolution for the slider.
4. Advanced system for excision contents.
5. Customizable to WooCommerce.
1. A little bit expensive.
Why you should buy this
  • The theme images are supportive of modern gadgets.
  • Updating and changing features is easy.

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9. Trimmer Theme 


As a businessperson, you need to create and decorate your website. That’s why we are presenting another responsive amazing WordPress theme ‘Trimmer”. It is awesome for hairdressers and barbershops. Such as- graceful store, price, stylish gallery, slideshow, etc. You will find an example theme with one click. So you can decorate your website easily.

  • Installation: Trimmer theme is hassle-free to install in only one click for watching the sample. After checking the sample, you will want to apply the theme for sure.
  • Framework: Trimmer theme has a variety of frameworks to choose from. You only need to select one and set it for your shop.
  • Templates: The demonstrative unlimited images will allow you to find the perfect template that will suit your barbershop or hairdressing saloon.
  •  Ecommerce Sites: Trimmer is a simple e-commerce solution. You can easily sell your products as well as services to the customers through WooCommerce.
  • Variation: You will get different header and footer options with a lot of portfolios and blogs. So, just set one that fits your website.
Pros Cons
1. You will get explained documents.
2. A lot of amazing colors for image setting.
3. Beautiful framework.
4. Scrolling system is smooth.
5. Variation in portfolios and blogs.
1. Trimmer’s theme is quite classy.
Why you need to buy this
  • There is a premium coding added to the page builder.
  • Also, this WordPress theme is easy to apply as well as upgrade.

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10. Trueman Theme


A WordPress theme that is specially made for barbershops is Trueman. It has included a variety of advanced features and beautiful frameworks for hair salons, barbershops, hairdressers, etc. You will get the chance to make a strong website for providing your services. Moreover, the theme is perfect for stores, shops, tattoo salons, barbers, and different beauty shops.

  • Supervision: Trueman theme supervision is free of stress because the theme has included different images to check out in one look.
  • Pre-booking: Once setting your website with a Trueman theme, you can have features for pre-booking the appointments of customers online.
  • Premade codes: Numerous pre-made codes are there for making a website interesting and good-looking.
  • Contact system: There are added benefits to preparing contact forms where you can attach the information of customers. So, it will help you to communicate with them faster.
  • Stylish framework: In this WordPress theme, you will get lots of stylish and updated framework and images to decorate your barbershop.
Pros Cons
1. It has compatibility with cross-browsers.
2. You can customize it.
3. Easy to initiate and apply.
4. Stylish and colorful design.
5. Ready to respond.
1. You won’t get child images in this theme.
Why you should buy this
  • Because Trueman theme looks fantastic after setting it on any website.
  • It is upgraded and built with HTML5 and CSS3 code.

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Editor’s Ratings

Product’s Name Ratings (out of
1. Etalon- Multi-concept Theme
for Professional Services
8 It is the most popular for its
application for multiple purposes.
2. Salon- Barber Shop & Tattoo
9 This theme is perfect for offering
the exceptional design of layouts.
3. Barber- Hair, Tattoo, &
Beauty Salons
8 Barber has outstanding features
for attracting more customers.


Our final advice:

A website is essential for any business purpose or personal need. So it should be great to look at your customers. You can get more customers or lose them because of the presentation of your shop as well as product and service. In those cases, WordPress themes are a fantastic option for setting any website. These are easy to install, operate, and flexible.

Moreover, you can customize the theme if you need to. So, don’t hesitate and select one of the best barber WordPress themes for barbers & hair salons. Decorate your website and wait a while. You will get your customers on your door within the least possible time.


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